Pioneer Antique Auto Club
of the Mid-Ohio Valley

       Founded in 1961, and now moving into our 61th year of service to the automotive community, the PAAC brings a proud heritage to the membership of today.

     With no requirement insofar as type of car ownership is concerned, our membership includes cars of all makes, models and description, and in some instances, no car at all.

     The hallmark of this organization, as evidenced by the number of very long-term members, is fellowship. Our meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, and the agenda always includes time for updates on the sick, as well as restoration questions or comments from the members. Many restoration concerns are solved by this practice of members helping members.

     In addition to the self-help portion of the membership, the club has been instrumental in donating thousands of dollars to a number of worthy charities in the area.

     So, regardless of the nature of your interest in cars, the Pioneer Antique Auto Club has a place for you. Whether you want to show a car, rebuild or restore a car, customize a car, or simply enjoy the fellowship of the automobile world, we welcome you and your family to join with us.

     With a joining fee of only $10.00, and annual dues of only $10.00 per family, membership is not only a pleasure, but also a true bargain.
                                                                          Roy Meredith, President


The Pioneer Antique Auto Club is excited to announce that starting on Monday, April 5th, 2021, our monthly car club meetings at Western Sizzlin' will resume!!
The meeting is called to order at 7:00pm, but dinner / gathering / social time begins at 5:30pm. CDC and WV health department guidelines are still in place and MUST be followed. Please do not forget your mask. It will be great to see and talk with everyone again and discuss our upcoming car shows for 2021....flyers to follow. PLEASE SHARE and let your fellow car club members know.


This will be our last car show for 2021:
  • Wendy's Cruise In - October 9th : 3-7 PM
                 To see all of our car shows: CLICK HERE

Another great car show season has come to an end! At our final Wendy's Car Show, the Pioneer Antique Auto Club presented a check again for $2,500 from money raised from our 5 car shows at Wendy's this year.

THANK YOU to all who came and supported the shows, which means you supported a great cause...ALL OF THE MONEY will be placed in the Washington State Community College scholarship fund to help a foster child who was adopted through the Dave Thomas Foundation.

The Pioneer Antique Auto Club wishes to thank everyone, members and nonmembers, who participated at all of our events through the 2019 year. As a result of your generous money and time, the club has been able to make significant contributions again this year.

The following groups received financial contributions from the club for years 2015 - 2019. Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated:
  • Washington State Community College Scholarship Fund - $9,500
  • Dave Thomas Foundation- $2,000.00
  • Ericsson Sports Center- $2,000.00
  • Lunch Sack / Brown Bag Programs- $3,000.00
  • United Way- $1,040.00
  • Henderson Hall- $2,500.00
  • Mineral Wells Flood Relief Program- $350.00
  • Old Man Rivers- $2,500.00
  • Parkersburg YMCA- $1,500.00
  • Wood County Recreation- $250.00
 That is over $25,000 given to LOCAL charities and programs!

                                                                 On behalf of the PAAC, Thank you!
                                               The officers and board of the PAAC

This is all due to your kind generosity.... With 2020 behind us, we can only pray for a healthy and successful 2021.



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October 4, 2021

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