Pioneer Antique Automobile Club
                   of the Mid-Ohio Valley

Classic Car Stories...

as told by our members

By Curt Fouse

1941 Studebaker

If I wanted to drive a car, I would have to go to the friendly Nash dealer's used car lot and try out one of their trade-ins. As soon as school was over with, and I got a full time job, I went to the Nash dealer and bought a good running 1941 Studebaker. It had been used by an Army Captain in Puerto Rico. It was not rusty, but the hot sun had really faded the paint. A neighbor man painted his house with a Sears diaphragm compressor and spray gun. I asked if I could borrow it to paint my Studebaker. He said he didn't recommend it, and would never paint another house with one, but if I wanted it, I could take it. The Studebaker had a 6 cylinder flat head engine.

After a few months and steady employment, I went back to the Nash dealer and traded the Studebaker for a 1946 Nash Ambassador. Next, was a 1947 Chevy Fleetline. By this time, winter was upon us. I quit my job, put my tools in the trunk, and drove the Fleetline to Florida.

1946 Nash Ambassador

1948 Chevrolet

I did have a couple of nice toy pedal trucks and cars, compliments of Santa Claus.

By Russell McDermott

This is my Granddad, James E. Morr, enjoying a drive with my grandmother, Mary Schadd Morr shortly after they were married in 1911. The car is a 1904 Orient Buckboard built by the Waltham Manufacturing Company. To the best of my knowledge, this photo was taken in Creston, Ohio.

1915 Ford Model T Touring and 1904 Orient 

My grandfather had this article published about his Orient and his 1915 Ford Model T Touring. He purchased the Model T new and would not hesitate to drive from his home in Creston to Erie, Pennsylvania to see his friends from when he worked as a telegraph operator on the railroad. He enjoyed many miles in this car.

Ford Model T, Ashland, Ohio

This photo was taken in the early 1960s. My granddad drove the car quite a bit. When my granddad passed away in 1988 at the age of 99, the car was given to me by his son, Glen. I have owned the model T since then and will be passing it down to my son, which will be the fourth generation owner.

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